Why Polymate Trailers are Australia's No.1 Choice

Why should I buy a Polymate Trailer?

Corrosion free components: Our components will never rust, which keeps your trailer in tiptop condition for its entire lifetime.

Strength and durability: The Polymate Trailer is moulded as one piece. With no joins or welds, the trailer is incredibly strong and can withstand heavy loads.

Low maintenance: Our trailers are easy to clean and maintain, and will never
require painting.

Performance: Polymate Trailers absorb surface noise, silencing rough roads and ensuring a smooth ride.

Polymate Trailers Manufacturing

Polymate Tubs are all made and produced in one location - NO OUT SOURCING    (Design, Moulding, Production, Frame Fabrications, Assembly, Fitting - all at Polymate Factory) 

No out sourcing overseas products 

2 generations, 30 years experience in Rotational Moulding and Fabrication Industry

The original and only lasting Poly Trailer on the market that can be guaranteed and proven for strength, integrity and overall performance

Will the sunlight affect my Polymate Trailer?

The plastic used in Polymate Trailers is a low-density compound, specifically designed for rotational moulding. This material is UV stable and exceeds requirements with a UV rating of 11, which is much higher than most plastics. The polyethylene used for our trailers is also used on boats and carries the same standard UV rating as poly rainwater tanks.

Where can I see and purchase a Polymate Trailer?

Polymate Trailers is based in Bundaberg, Queensland but we have dealerships across Australia. To locate your closest dealership, contact us on 1300 784 435 or visit our dealers page. We are also currently looking to expand our company throughout Australia and would like to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a distributor. 

What is Polyethylene?

Polyethylene is a plastic compound intended for applications requiring an exceptional balance of stiffness and toughness. Its impact resistance is five times greater than fibreglass, as the material flexes on impact, making it extremely difficult to damage

What is the thickness of the tub?

The Poly Tub has a dual skin design with an average thickness of around 10mm-12mm. The tub is also ribbed underneath ensuring the tub floor can handle extreme weights and pressure.

Can a poly tub be repaired?

If your tub has been damaged, it can be easily repaired using a heat gun and a poly-welding rod. However, we recommend that you seek the advice of a professional plastic repairer who is familiar with poly products. 

Do you offer a warranty?

For trailers designed for recreational use, Polymate Trailers are backed with a 2-year warranty. Contact us for full warranty details.
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