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Welcome to Polymate Farming 

Polymate Farming products include a range of square and round water and molasses troughs, Cattle Feeders and Complete Spray Trailer Options. 

Polymate products are designed and engineered to the highest quality, built exceeding the industry standard and made from our factory right here in Queensland. This means when you buy or shop "POLYMATE" you are supporting and buying from a 100% family owned and operated Australian Business. 

Each and every product is made from the highest Australian Grade material, containing the highest UV Rating and 100% safe for potable (drinking) water. With higher impact resistance to most materials, Polymate products are robust and durable and are one of the strongest and most reliable products in today's market. 
Feeder Trough

80ltr Square Trough 

260ltr Long Trough

250ltr Round Water Trough

1000ltr Round Water Trough

650ltr Round Molasses Trough

80ltr Spray Tank and Trailer

Please Note:

All prices listed above do not include postage/freight and are ex factory. 
Freight available for most areas upon request. 

Contact Polymate 
1300 428 265
260ltr Spray Tank and Trailer  

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