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A trailer built for the Australian conditions

Welcome to Polymate Trailers.
The leading edge of trailer technology ins Polymate Trailers. With innovative design and developement, as well as features that are simple not comparable, Polymate Trailers brings a new standard to the trailer industry 
For over 20 years, our family-run company has been leading the revolution in polyethylene trailers. We have refined our process and design over two generations to bring you the most durable trailers on the market today. 
With dealerships across Australia and Tasmania, we’re proud to be able to supply the best trailers in the business.

Customised 7x4 Polymate Trailer

Due to our pioneering work in rotational moulding techniques, we can offer fully customised designs according to your needs, making that dream 7X4 a reality. 

Whether you need a trailer that can endure the outback, or you want something stylish and reliable for your tools and holiday gear, we can guarantee your trailer will be built to last. 

Forget about traditional steel trailers that rust and rattle, Polymate Trailers glide along the road with ease and can endure the roughest of terrain and weather without wear.

What makes a Polymate Trailer so different?

Corrosion Free Components !
Strenght and Durability !
Peformance !
Low Maintenance !
Life Expectancy ! 
Pricing ! 

Those who tow, know that the Polymate Trailer will be the last trailer you’ll ever need to buy. Call us now on 1300 784 435 or visit our dealers page to contact your local Polymate Dealer.