For a complete selection of trailers in Australia

Polymate Trailers is proudly a local family owned and operated company with two generations of experience in the polyethylene and rotational moulding industry.

As an industry leader in poly manufacturing, Polymate Trailers has gone to great lengths to provide their customers with poly trailers that have superior strength and durability with an equally superior design. Knowing there is no comparison for quality, you can be assured with a Polymate you will have the best possible product in today’s trailer market.

Due to extensive knowledge of polyethylene products and rotational moulding, all of Polymate Trailers' rotational ovens and moulds are not imported products, but are built instead by Adrian and his team. With new and exciting products on the way, Polymate Trailers looks forward to increasing their range of poly trailers and offering the trailer industry throughout Australia trailers with no comparison. Call for more details.


Polymate Trailers has a complete selection of trailers, trailer parts, and more. We specialise in the design and construction of rock-solid trailers including:

  • Box trailers
  • Custom trailers
  • Covered trailers
  • Parts and accessories

Backed by an experienced team and with a commitment to quality, Polymate Trailers is your trailer specialist that services customers throughout Australia. For more information regarding our products, give our team a call today.

About us

As one of Australia's leading trailer supply specialists, Polymate Trailers is dedicated to quality and excellence. Our experienced team constructs premium quality trailers that will serve you well for many years to come.

We've refined our design processes over the years to ensure a streamlined approach that results in fantastic, reliable trailers. We work with you to custom-build trailers that fit your exact specifications. Whether you need a trailer for work or recreation, we can supply the perfect solution for you.

We also have a complete selection of trailer parts and accessories, which can increase the functionality of your existing trailer. For more information, speak to us today.